Hi, let's start this forum!

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Hi, let's start this forum!

Post by Toki on Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:46 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm starting this forum today. I'm hoping that it will grow into a peaceful & popular site for people who are interested about Korea. There are some other forums about Korea but they're for only certain peoples like the American troops serving there & foreigners who have lived or are interested in living in Korea for some years(USFK & 4expats forums). I think that we netizens also need a general forum about Korea that interests all kinds of people, and the niche exists.

I'm also interested in Japanese anime (also Korean manhwa), computers (especially ThinkPad laptops), games like Starcraft & Diablo II & Half Life 2 & Counter Strike: Source, chess, art, etc.


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